Concert hall
Concert hall, Rotterdam

In the main room of this concert hall, previously there were acoustical problems in certain performances. The sound production was strongly reflected by some solid parts in the room, resulting in a bad sound experience in some places and even perceived as disturbing. To solve this problem, Texacoustic® 955.001/N00 has been used to make covers,…
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Restaurant De Rozario
Restaurant De Rozario, Helmond

At Restaurant De Rozario the food was great (now rewarded with a Michelin star!), but the acoustics were unpleasant. Especially because of the buzz of guests, sound of plates, cutlery and glasses and the reflection of these sounds on the hard surfaces in the restaurant and the vaulted ceiling. By installing curtains and beautiful ceiling…
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Event space
Event space, Veghel

An old factory building has been converted into a multifunctional space, including a (music) café. It is part of a factory complex, which has been given a relocation as a centre for music, art and culture.  Due to the presence of many steel, concrete and glass, there are a lot of surfaces where the sound…
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Theatre, Den Haag

The beautiful Royal theatre in The Hague did not have optimal acoustics. The sound “disappeared”, both via the side wall and through the top of the hall. In order to improve the acoustics in the concert hall, rows of Texacoustic® panels have been hung in the colour of the ceiling on the roll attic above…
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Conservatory, Arnhem

Texacoustic® 955.001/N00 is used in the theatre hall of the Conservatory, to improve acoustics. The curtains are hung on different floors of the room using a special rail system. The stage is also decorated with Texacoustic® cloths, for an even better effect. The darkening properties of Texacoustic® additionally offer the desired light protection in this…
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Ester Weber
Restaurant DeliCees, Dordrecht

Our restaurant is based in a historical building with high rooms and large windows. The downside of height and lots of glass is it causes reverberation and reflection and makes it hard to have a good and relaxing conversation during busy nights. The ultimate solution for our acoustic problem was Texacoustic. We created tailor made…
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